Incredible Scene As Deer Enjoy Blossoms In Japan’s Quiet Nara Park


Breathtaking images taken at Japan’s Nara Park show deer enjoying themselves beneath the peaceful cherry blossom trees.

The park is a popular destination for tourists, with many people paying to take part in photoshoots amid the dreamy pink blossoms.

But with the current health crisis, Nara Park – which is just a short train ride from Osaka – has fallen quiet. The Sika deer who roam the park can be seen sitting around beneath the trees, no doubt having absolutely no i-deer what’s going on.

As reported by the website Japan Guide, there are more than one thousand deer at the large park, with the graceful animals regarded to be a ‘symbol of the city’ as well as a designated natural treasure.

Deer crackers are sold throughout the park, and some deer have even learned to bow to human visitors as a way of asking to be fed.

As per Japan Guide the Nara Park deer are ‘surprisingly tame’, but visitors are advised against teasing them with food to avoid them getting aggressive.

Thousands of reviews on Tripadvisor – where Nara Park has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence – detail the sweet nature of the ‘friendly’ deer, who are described by one visitor as ‘hungry and greedy’.

As advised by one visitor review:

Make sure to bow at them, as they will bow back (usually if you have food for them). When we got the biscuits a lot of deer did run up to us, so just be aware of that. But they just want your biscuits!

Absolutely fair enough to these beautiful biscuit connoisseurs. Here’s hoping they’re enjoying a bit of well-deserved peace and quiet.


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