“What Were These Designers Thinking?” 12 Bathroom Designs That Scream Us


Many of the bathroom for the bathroom, a break to life is a great place to give a break and a few minutes without a frustrating area. Most of the time, it is a clean and safe area where nothing goes wrong – at least not at first sight. However, after you look at some pictures, people caused us to question everything we know about the bathrooms 🙂 We can’t imagine that their faces are entering these strange bathrooms.

We would like to share these masterpieces, creativity and unology to share your masterpieces with you. Once you look at some of these photos, we are pleased to go to your own bathroom and further appreciate.


12. “This is the bathroom in my dad’s new house. I’m 6’1” and the room is so low, they had to cut holes in the ceiling over the toilet and sink so you can stand up there.”