What You Should Know About “Black Mirror Bandersnatch”


The interactive episode of Black Mirror that dropped on Netflix on Friday has been judged a success by many of the critics who have tried it out.

For most of its existence, Netflix’s streaming television service has largely existed to pump out more and more content. Its never-ending feed is packed with new shows, revived classics, licensed hits from other countries, and big acquisitions such as Black Mirror.

Set in 1984, Bandersnatch tells of a computer programmer trying to adapt a fantasy novel into a video game.

Viewers must make the lead character’s choices for him – decisions that send the plot in different directions.

We have compiled what is known about the film that carries the storytelling to another dimension.

7Trailer viewed millions of times

The trailer for the highly anticipated Black Mirror was released on Thursday at the end.

And the fans of the series, surprisingly, faced a film instead of new episodes.

The trailer, Black Mirror Bandersnatch, released on Thursday, December 28, to the Netflix platform.

The fragment was observed over 7.5 million times in the first day of the publication.

6What is Bandersnatch?

Bandersnatch is a fictional creature believed to be moving too fast. Bandersnatch’s character is first set in a poem by a British author, scientist and artist, Lewis Carroll, in his book Alice in Wonderland.

Other Carroll’s works include Bandersnatch. This creature is described as having a long neck and a fast moving mouth.

Bandersnatch was also used in other literary texts and popular culture elements.

5Will there be other interactive films?

The new film takes place in the 1980s.

Previously, in some parts of the Black Mirror, it was seen that there was a history of going back in history and then going into the future.

The young character named Stefan, played by Fionn Whitehead, is a game creator.

We’re going to watch the story of a game developer named Bandersnatch who turns a novel into a play that his author “killed his wife after going crazy.”

Fionn Whitehead’s young game developer will face a number of choices throughout the film. Here we will see fiction and reality together.

The film will be interactive, so that the audience can decide what’s going on.

We will be able to decide on the course of the film by choosing together with the main character.

Although the duration of the film was 90 minutes, it was stated that Netflix had a 5-hour structure.

Netflix is ​​also working on other interactive productions.

4The idea appeared in 2017

According to Variety, early in 2017, Netflix came up with an unusual idea to create an interactive film for Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, creators of Black Mirror.

Netflix has already enabled interactive monitoring on children’s productions.

Netflix wanted to implement this in an adult film, so he thought Black Mirror was the perfect option.

Although Charlie Brooker initially opposed the idea, Jones had adopted the idea.

Finally appeared Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

Because the choices should be more complex in an adult production, Netflix engineers have developed a software for branch scenarios called Branch Manager.

35 different possible end

The film has 5 possible different ends.

Viewers who want to advance fast can finish the movie in 40 minutes.

The average viewing time is 90 minutes.

There are 1 trillion different ways to watch the film if smaller choices are taken into account.

2Will there be other season episotes?

Isn’t it clear whether  is a special production or it was taken as the equivalent of the 5th season?

Black Mirror Bandersnatch’s director is David Slade.

The famous song Relax, which Frankie Goes to Hollywood said in the 1980s, was chosen as the music accompanying the series trailer.

The film’s other actors include Will Poulter and Asim Chaudhry.

The trailer of Black Mirror Bandersnatch, which attracted great interest in the social circle, was reminiscent of director David Cronenberg’s cult 1980s film Videodrome.

Previously, American singer Miley Cyrus’ın will play the role of the Black Mirror’s fifth season shots were taken in London’s Croydon district.

The fourth season of Black Mirror was launched in December a year ago.

In the season when there were female writers and female characters, a different story was told in each chapter.

Previously in the Black Mirror’s previous seasons, the series will focus on the characters or the new season will focus on these characters have been put forward.

But the creator of the series, Charlie Brooker, denied these allegations.

1Black Mirror and its predictions

Although the creators and creators of the Black Mirror leave audiences on the subject in the dark in many ways, one of the most prominent aspects of the series is that they have predicted many things about real life so far.

In the first episode of The National Anthem, the British Prime Minister was forced to have sex with a pig in front of the cameras to free the abducted princess.

Four years after the episode was published, it was claimed that Cameron attended a ceremony involving a dead pig to be admitted to a club when he was in college.

The claim was denied by sources close to Cameron and Lord Ashcroft, the co-author of the book, confessed to having had a personal animosity with the former prime minister.

In the 3rd season of the Nosedive (Pike) section, we see that the subject has become a reality in China.

In this episode of the series, people score each other on social media, and Bryce Dallas Howard’s character was losing his sanity to get acclaimed.

Last year, technology and science website Wired has published, China is preparing to introduce a similar “social credit” system

All online transactions, payment information and social media relations of the people will be followed and the system is planned to be used as a reference in official transactions.

According to the report, “The goal is to encourage people to save a lot of energy from making energy to obeying the government”.


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